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Hi All,
You know 2 years ago the youngest person is AUS I knew of on a Pump
was 3 and the oldest was 80.  I don't think age is relevant.
And anyway Michele, was Harper 11or 14 months at Pump start up ??
Seems to have been "just the thing " .....
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From: "Devorah Heyman" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Monday, February 28, 2005 5:03 PM
Subject: RE: [IP] Re: Fat and using a pump

>I cannot believe the person writing this could be so cruel!  A pump could 
> just what this person needs to get her act together.  Who says that a 70
> year old is ready to close up shop and die!  I am 54 and just went on the
> pump.  I weigh 175 lbs and losing.  I have gotten my A1Cs down to 6.2 in 8
> months of pumping (from an average of 9 for over 20 years.  Why is 70 so
> old?  She could have another 20 years of her life.  I am glad you guys are
> not on any evaluation committee for me!!!!!!  Just because she is 70 
> doesn't
> mean that she is stupid OR senile!!  Sure they do can do tech stuff.  My
> husband is just turned 75 and I would put him up against a 40 year old any
> time.  He is a practicing pharmacist and keeps up on the latest technology
> and medical advances.  He was the one who encouraged me to go on the
> pump!!!!   Devorah Heyman dx '81 and hopping mad!
> I have just had a person in our "group" ask if a person who is fat can 
> still
> wear a pump.
> This lady had a huge waist and looked about 6 months preggie.  She said 
> she
> weighed about 230 pounds and was on a diet having already lost 15 pounds.
> Now her doctor wants her on the pump.  She is a type 2.
> Our collective opinion is that it is a waste of time to put this humongous
> person on a pump and a type 2 at that!  What is the point of putting an 
> old
> person especially a type 2 on a pump?
> We can't figure out what her doctor is thinking of and to top it all off 
> she
> is seventy (70) yes seventy years old.  She has multiple problems such as
> Arthritis that limit her walking.  I would think at this age a good doctor
> would pull the plug and stop the medications and let this lady go in 
> dignity
>  Imagine someone of this age trying to do an insertion.  Forget that!  How
> about someone this age who must be senile trying to figure out how to use 
> so
> modern a piece of equipment as a pump of anykind.
> Some of the people in the pump group thought it was okay but they were the
> elderly 50+ in the group and that particular part of the group does not do
> well pumping.  They just can't understand all the tech stuff.
> They are still used to dial phones and won't use anything wireless.
> Oh well just another buck for the doctors and companies.
> Phyllis
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