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Re: [IPu] Site failures.

Dr suggested I try longer needles which I have.  Has made a bit of
difference but I do like the idea of trialling Novorapid.  Seeing my
nurse on Monday. 


>From: "Janette Dunn" <email @ redacted> >Reply-To:
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>Subject: Re: [IPu] Site failures. >Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 19:49:34 +1100
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>You really are having a bad run aren't you ?  I really would >trial a
change to NovoRapid for a month or so, to see if >things improve. > >
>When I first started Pumping the first 3 months were "pretty rough" >(to
say the least) !  An experienced Pumper (on the other side >of the world)
told me to "work out the issue then logically try all >the possible
options".  I still think it's about the best advice >I've had. > >I could
check whether any other infusions are available OS ? >Not everything is
sold in NZ (or AUS).  Since infusions are not >subsidised in NZ, buying
them OS may not vary the price much. > >I'm happy to list your issue on
the International IP List and see if >we can attract additional
suggestions / thoughts /ideas and >experiences. > >Warm Regards, >Janette
>PS What does the Quack (Dr) say ...... ? >(Yeh ... I know that could be
a silly question) !! > >----- Original Message ----- From: "Shona Ruck"
<email @ redacted> >To: <email @ redacted> >Sent: Thursday,
February 17, 2005 7:20 PM >Subject: [IPu] Site failures. > > >>After
pumping for just under a year I look back and think when it's >>going
>>well it's going very well but when it's bad it's really bad.  I've
>>had >>diabetes for 36 years and want to know why I keep having so many
>>site >>failures.  One minute 6.whatever and three hours later I'm up
>>around the >>20 thing!!!!  I can't use flexible cannulars because I'm
allergic >>to the >>plastic so rapid D are my only option.  The problem
is I have very >>tight >>hard skin and tight muscles due to less than
perfect control as a >>teenager [so they say] hence I can't insert the
needle anywhere >>where >>there is lean muscle because it tears, bleeds
and stops absorbing >>insulin.  Is it the humolog?  My HBA1C is almost
worse now than >>when I >>was on injections!!!!!!  Any
suggestions.  P.S  My basal rates are >>perfect.  I've tested every hour
to check! Shona. >>
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