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[IPu] Fw: Antwort: Re: [IP] exercise

Hi All,
I think Britta's description of this book is pretty accurate
(I've got it in my collection).  It also provides examples
with particular types of exercise and then gives an example
of how this worked for someone on various MDI
(multiple daily Injection) regimes then an example of
variation for Pump use.

It is a good book, I just wish it gave more examples of
Pump variations for exercise.


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 Hi everyone figuring problems related to exercise,

 I have never found a good book concerning Exercises & sports & diabetes 
 someone asked something about this topic on the Joslin Diabetes Center
 Discussion Board. Others answered to this topic and recommended some very 
 book concerning this topic.
 The book's title is: "The Diabetic Athlete"
 Author: Sheri Colberg
 Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishing
 Released: March 2001

 ISBN: 0736032711

The book explains all about the differences fdo to your body (aerobic,
anaerobic), where you should pay attention to, what helps others before or
after doing sports etc (that's the general part of the book). In the 
part, it explain where you should pay attention to when doing some specific
exercise. There are a lot of exercises explained!

This book really helps me to understand what is going on in my body when
doing this or that sport and it helps me a lot to suit my diabetes when 
some exercises/sports.

Hope this book helps some others of you as well! Don't hesitate to ask me if
you have further questions!

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> MY BG goes up with exercise, whether aerobic or not.  It first goes down 
> and
> then goes up, and often continues to go up after I've stopped.  Or it may 
> be
> that I go a little low while exercising and then have a rebound high.  I'm 
> not
> quite sure.  I've tried testing while exercising, but can't seem to catch
> much.  If BG is above 160 when I start, BG generally just drops.
> At the diabetes expo in NY in November, they had an exercise booth, so I
> asked about this.  I was told strenuous exercise causes BG to go up.  They
> recommended exercising less strenuously... that wasn't exactly the advice 
> I
> was
> looking for!
> Stacey
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