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[IPu] Fw: [IP] RE: pravachol vs lipitor

Hi All,
If you take statins or ACE inhibitors you may find this interesting 

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From: "Scott Strumello" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2005 1:30 AM
Subject: [IP] RE: pravachol vs lipitor

> Based on my personal experience, I would say that generally, the
> different statins are interchangable (much as different ACE inhibitors
> are) because they all work in a similar manner, but they will not work
> the same for everyone -- YMMV.  They are not carbon copies of one another
> the way generic drugs are of their name-brand counterparts, so each
> statin works a bit differently because they have different chemical
> structures.  I was originally prescribed Zocor (Merck's statin) and after
> a few months, I had unusual liver readings, so my endo recommended
> switching to Lipitor.  Since switching to Lipitor (Pfizer's statin), all
> my readings have come back normal, so I am guessing that Zocor didn't
> work for me, but perhaps for someone else, it will work fine.  The only
> way you can know for sure is to try it, but be sure to have your doctor
> follow-up with appropriate blood tests to make sure.
> The important thing to note with statins and ACE inhibitors is that they
> are recommended as preventative measures, but they are not necessary for
> survival as insulin is.  If cost is a serious consideration, keep in mind
> that despite a few studies sponsored by the drug companies and ADA
> recommendations (in spite of higher risk of heart problems for type 2
> moreso than type 1), no one truly requires a statin or ACE inhibitor,
> nor are they guarantees that you will not experience heart or
> kidney problems, they are only preventative measures.
> I had a similar experience with ACE inhibitors, and tried several until I
> found a generic one (lisinopril) that worked as well as the non-formulary
> Altace (ramipril) and the more expensive Acupril (quniapril).  I asked my
> doc because I said if I was taking these drugs temporarily, I wouldn't
> bother, but they were being prescribed as a long-term treatment with no
> forseeable end, therefore cost was something I wanted to consider.  My
> doc was very helpful in this matter, as he recommended taking a slightly
> higher dose (20 mg instead of 10 with Acupril) based on my BP readings.
> The results work great, and the cost is really low.  Your experience will
> be individual, so its important for you to ensure that your doc is
> ordering the appropriate tests for follow-up, so make sure you are vocal
> and ask what tests they are ordering, and that they discuss the results
> of those tests with you.  Some docs are very good about this, but others
> need to be prompted by their patients.  YMMV.
> Hope this helps,
> Scott
> Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 10:09:04 -0600
> From: "michelle schlight" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] pravachol vs lipitor
> I have read a lot about statins, but seem to get more confuzzled, rather
> than more informed :-)
> .
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