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 From: Gordon Larson <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IPz] Talking to Sandy re Sean and infusion sites
> Cc: email @ redacted
 My name is Gordon Larson.  I live in Biloxi, MS, USA.  I've been on the
> pump since 1980.  I currently use Disetronic Rapid D infusion sets, 8mm,
> and leave them in site for six days before changing.  This freaks out the
> Disetronic folks because they recommend changing sets every other day.  At
> roughly $6.00 per set, you can see the reason they are upset.  But I have
> no problems with infected sites.
> My experience on the pump leads me to believe the needle site utilizes the
> insulin better, over time.  Which might explain why you experience higher
> blood sugar levels after changing sites.  Either that or one site is
> closer to blood vessels than another and subsequently gets the insulin
> the blood faster.  But, one way or the other, blood sugar levels can vary
> after changing sites.
> I use Humulin R in the pump, and simply get basals through it.  I inject
> Humalog before eating.  So I got the worst of both worlds, via the pump
> injections, but the Humulin is much cheaper than the Humalog so I save a
> lot of money.
> Good luck.
> Gordon
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