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Re: [IPu] Jelly Beans ?

Hi Janette

I buy Glucojel jelly beans from the chemist - they're a bit bigger than 
standard ones, so 4 of them do the job for me (I think 4 have 12g CHO, but 
don't have a pack handy to check, I put them all in a small plastic 
container in my handbag) - and they are pretty yummy! They cost a little 
bit more than the ones at the supermarket, but they're worth it in my opinion!


>Hi Everyone,
>Are you using Jelly Beans for Hypos ?  I am having increasing difficlties
>finding them in "standard" size ... (think it has something to do with all
>those Harry Potter Books / Movies).
>Today I bought black "standard" size Jelly Beans and other flavours ... only
>available in "little" Jelly Beans.  I got out the scales and weighed them.
>Seems that 12 little Jelly Beans = 6 Black standard ones.  I am soooooo ...
>sick of black ones !!!
>Maybe I'm behind the times ... what's everyone else using for lows ???????

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