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[IPu] Re Sandy Betts

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Sent: Monday, February 24, 2003 9:51 PM
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Dear Sandy,

I will put in my twopenneth and hope it helps a little.

I have been a diabetic for almost 60 years and at last I am getting some
stability from the pump (Minimed 507C).

Re getting assistance for infusion sets we can only keep trying.   I have
written to the Minister for Health
(Kay Patterson) had my local member came to my house to see the infusion
sets in action - have received
letters from both parties but we are still waiting.   I know it can become
expensive.   Initially my stomach would
not accept the insulin and I had to find other sites.   I now use the
ribcage area as much as possible and
occassionally my stomach.

After a new insertion the BGL is mostly always up so I take a couple of
extra units to compensate.

Just keep trying with the 'powers that be'  (politicians) and hope for the
best.   As one member from Sydney
stated - it will snow in Sydney before they subsidise us.   I hope it will
before that.

Best of luck,

Doris Millar
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