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[IPu] Re: [IPz] Talking to Sandy re Sean and infusion sites

My name is Gordon Larson.  I live in Biloxi, MS, USA.  I've been on the
pump since 1980.  I currently use Disetronic Rapid D infusion sets, 8mm,
and leave them in site for six days before changing.  This freaks out the
Disetronic folks because they recommend changing sets every other day.  At
roughly $6.00 per set, you can see the reason they are upset.  But I have
no problems with infected sites.

My experience on the pump leads me to believe the needle site utilizes the
insulin better, over time.  Which might explain why you experience higher
blood sugar levels after changing sites.  Either that or one site is simply
closer to blood vessels than another and subsequently gets the insulin into
the blood faster.  But, one way or the other, blood sugar levels can vary
after changing sites.

I use Humulin R in the pump, and simply get basals through it.  I inject
Humalog before eating.  So I got the worst of both worlds, via the pump and
injections, but the Humulin is much cheaper than the Humalog so I save a
lot of money.

Good luck.


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>Hi Sandy
>Not sure how this site works with regards to contacting you, but am
>trying all the above!
>I am a diabetic and have been for the last 43 years, since the age of 4. 
>For the past 3 years I've been using the Disetronic H-Tronplus.
>My question is:  how long do you leave the injection in before deciding
>to change the site?  Do you check that the line is delivering the
>insulin?  What sort of needles are you using?  What insulin are you
>I'm just curious because I sometimes have difficulties in bringing my
>tests down after changing needle etc  Are the blood sugar levels normal
>before changing the site?  How often do you change the site?
>I live on the Gold Coast and come to Brisbane off and on, so would love
>to meet.
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