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[IPu] Subject - Re Restrictive Practice

From: "Ian Wright" <email @ redacted>
Subject: re restrictive practice
A long time since I wrote to the list but I have had a quiet fume for too
> long and feel the need to air a whinge (after all I used to be a Pom!).
> I use the minimed quick sets with an IV 3000 under them with some skin
> under that. I get between 2-4 days BUT it depends on the weather and if I
> avoid showers/emersion. Obviously this is not very hygienic or sociable.
> Intermittently through reps or on visits abroad I have used the silhouette
> sets. These consistently give me 3-5 days despite ablutions and so are
> better but here is the problem and my complaint. The silhouette sets are
> available in Australia from minimed - they are available through Distronic
> but not with the correct needle to allow the use of the inserter (which I
> like). Basically the company that makes the sets (Swiss I believe) has
> the world into marketing areas thus because Distronic "has" Oz and they
> don't believe in the inserters (This is because they do not have the
> presumably) I am not allowed the silhouette sets.
> Overall this bit of restrictive practice acts to restrict my consumer
> and ends up costing me money (1/3 more sets plus IV 3000 dressings)
> Does any one know a good consumer advocate lawyer who is bored! Maybe the
> ACCC would like this one?
> Yours grumpily
> Ian
> ps yes I know about the antiperspirant around the site thing - it is the
> amount of general antiperspirant that worries me!!;-)
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