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Re: [IPu] Pumping - help

If we join in maybe we can make a difference so lets us try.
Alan Reed (your Admin member).
From: "tazzie" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IPu] Pumping - help
> From: "Alan Reed"
>> > Doris,
> > I fully understand your concerns and also have run into the same brick
> walls
> > you have.  How our last health minister could not see the benefits which
> the
> > Health Budget would get from adopting the use of the Insulin Pump which
> > undoubtable THE WORLDS BEST PRACTICE I fail to understand.  It would
> > certainly would save the country millions of Dollars in health charges
> every
> > year.  That is why I pushed to get the local branch formed in the hope
> that
> > we may as a group help to get action taken.  First though we must help
> > individuals overcome the resistance to the introduction and use of the
> pump
> > and help with quick responses when someone runs into problems.
> > At last years NSW ADA AGM I  did raise the question why the syringes
> in
> > pumps were the only ones not covered by the NDSS scheme and appeared to
> have
> > the support of the National and NSW President.  Infusion sets were also
> > raised but it doesn't appear to have been successful, but we must keep
> > trying.  Unfortunately I will not be able to get to this years AGM.
> > Alan Reed.
> Hi
> I like to leave (at least) part of the previous message in a reply, just
> case anyone has missed/lost a  message, it makes it easier to understsand
> the thread..
> Infussion sets are the main cost and once the pressure of the financial
> burden of pump use is removed it will then be the perfect devise for good
> management.
> Will this ever be likely Alan?
> Anne
> Type one, 11 years
> Pumper, 9 months
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