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Re: [IPu] Pumping - help

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From: "Alan Reed"
Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2002 1:25 PM
Subject: Re: [IPu] Pumping - help

> Doris,
> I fully understand your concerns and also have run into the same brick
> you have.  How our last health minister could not see the benefits which
> Health Budget would get from adopting the use of the Insulin Pump which is
> undoubtable THE WORLDS BEST PRACTICE I fail to understand.  It would
> certainly would save the country millions of Dollars in health charges
> year.  That is why I pushed to get the local branch formed in the hope
> we may as a group help to get action taken.  First though we must help
> individuals overcome the resistance to the introduction and use of the
> and help with quick responses when someone runs into problems.
> At last years NSW ADA AGM I  did raise the question why the syringes used
> pumps were the only ones not covered by the NDSS scheme and appeared to
> the support of the National and NSW President.  Infusion sets were also
> raised but it doesn't appear to have been successful, but we must keep on
> trying.  Unfortunately I will not be able to get to this years AGM.
> Alan Reed.

I like to leave (at least) part of the previous message in a reply, just in
case anyone has missed/lost a  message, it makes it easier to understsand
the thread..

Infussion sets are the main cost and once the pressure of the financial
burden of pump use is removed it will then be the perfect devise for good
Will this ever be likely Alan?

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Pumper, 9 months
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