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Re: [IPu] NDSS scheme was -Sydney's Pumpgirl avnd tazzie

On 19 Feb 2002 at 16:21, Alan Reed wrote:

> Welcome to you both, lets make this Branch / Chapter / be an active group and
> source of help and guidance to pump users, as well as those looking for
> information about pumps, the benefits and real costs and also to any diabetic
> who wants the latest and most upto date information. Not forgetting that the
> more of us there are, the better chance we have of getting coverage under the
> NDSS scheme. Re why do we use the pump the answer is: Better control - We can
> control it - We all want the Freedom -We all want less complications.
> Insulin-pumps are available in a number of European countries on their
> National Health cover. Even Medicare in America covers insulin  pumps. Alan
> Reed. 


I know that you were associated with the Australian Diabetes Association.  Has there been any recognition from ADA as to the efficacy of pumping insulin?  Perhaps ADA 
has a Political Action group that would take this issue on and provide some help?   Best of luck in this and.....

Pump On Aussies!!     Your Friend in Texas, 

George     ;>)
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