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[IPu] Re: Welcome to IP-AUS

99.99 % who try out a pump after using normal injections refuse to return it
at the end of the trial. Only those who cannot find the money to pay for it
do as it gives so much better control and a complete new feeling of freedom.
No longer do they have to eat according to the clock, you can sleep to
midday, have lunch at 5.00pm and forget completely about dinner and/or
For contact sports you may have to disconnect but I am sure looking into the
web site information bank will give you an excellent in-sight to other's
A useful book to get is 'Pumping Insulin Volume 3' which is available from
either Diabetes Australia the NSW has copies or Amazon in the USA.
Alan Reed. Administrator

 Hi there, sorry if things were a little unclear.  I am not currently
> using a pump, but am seriously considering starting.  I have been
> diabetic for a while - I think that's what caused the confusion.
> I just moved to Australia from Canada and have an apartment in Sydney.
> My work currently has me working in Brisbane during the week and home
> on weekends.
> Currently I inject 4 times a day as needed and am wondering about
> having permanently attached.  How does the pump interact with contact
> sports?  is it better to "temporarily disconnect" during these events?
> The point at which the tube enters the body - is this a sensitive
> spot?  ie, does movement of the tube cause pain/discomfort?
> Thanks in advance,
> Rob
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