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[IPu] Fw: [IP] Re: shot in eye

Hi All,
A question and response about eye surgery / treatment
for those interested ................ (you need to read from the bottom)
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From: "Shirley Beggs" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Friday, September 01, 2006 2:02 AM
Subject: RE: [IP] Re: shot in eye

 Bud - I'm surprised there weren't more responses about this but maybe it's
not as common as I thought.  I have had laser treatments in both eyes using
the "shot" to numb the eye method and also where the disk is placed on your
eye with the numbing agent in it.

 It's been a while (10 years) since I had the shot - it was not fun and
reminds me of getting Novocain at the dentist.  It was very uncomfortable
but within a few seconds they are done.  It numbs the whole side of the face
so when it's over I had to wear a patch for the rest of the day (the eyelid
wouldn't work).  Having it done without the shot wasn't too bad and if I had
a choice I would probably just do that.  They just strapped my head into the
chair mechanism, the doctor placed the disk on my eye and did the laser. It
was pretty fast.

 I know my brother would end up with headaches after his laser treatments 
they didn't bother me too much using either method.   I ended up with a
vitrectomy in the left eye since the hemorrhaging wouldn't stop even after
laser treatment.  And now I just had cataract surgery in my left - my "bad"
eye.  The pressure went up and I have had lots of floaters but thankfully
they are starting to calm down and the pressure is better. I get the right
eye done next Tuesday.

I know this will be a YMMV thing so it's hard to make a suggestion.   When
I'm having surgery on Tuesday I'll be thinking of you and hope things go
well.  For me, I just had to keep my mind focused on a hopefully successful
result and have tried to manage whatever it took to get there.  Certainly
easier said than done sometimes!

 Shirley, dx 1954 age 5, Animas 1250 10/2005

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Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 3:22 PM
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Subject: [IP] Re: shot in eye

 Next Tuesday I will have the small amount left in my left eye that has not
 had laser filled in.  I cannot stop the hemmoraghes which happen every 

 day.  My doctor will inject below the eye to the back to numb me before the
laser.  It sounds horrible.  Have any of you had this done?  Is it painful?
Would you prefer the shot or getting the laser without it (the remaining
area is all sensitive area).

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