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[IPu] Fw: [IPp] Comments on Choosing Pump for 3 Year Old - Other negatives?

Hi All,
>From the POP list (Parents of Pumpers).  Brandon's comments below relate to 
the time frames and start up of  Pumps.  I know living with a chronic 
illness most of us would love "a day off", just occasionally (sure  ... plus 
the rest of my life).  But if you read Brandon's details at the bottom, 
you'll see there is little rest from Diabetes in his family.
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 Sorry for the late post, haven't been able to check email for a couple of

 Our son was dx this January ('06) less than a month after his second
 birthday.  We caught him extremely early, and he was still producing quite 
 bit of insulin on his own at the time.  (Our 4 year old was dx just over a
 year prior and we where closely watching our son for similar signs.)  We
 talked things over with our endo and decided to put him on Lantus at first
 to help take some of the stress off of his pancreas and his body responded
 pretty well to rising BG.  We added a little bit of Humalog at breakfast 
 dinner within the first couple of months and our endo agreed to put him on 
 pump once his blood sugars where a little more erratic and he needed more
 than 2 injections per day.  He was put on an Animas IR1250 three month into
 his dx and was getting most of his insulin with food, much of the day he
 wasn't even getting a basal rate or just 0.025u/hr for a limited duration.
 As his pancreas continued to shut down we would adjust his basals and
 bolus's once or twice a week.
We are very glad to get him on the pump as early as we did.  Our daughter
 was started on the same pump only 6 months after her dx, but things where
 much more stressful on MDI's with such a young child who did not always 
 to eat the same amount of carbs every day.  Much less chasing of BG and
 insulin while on the pump even during the honeymoon phase.
Good luck to you!

Father of Caitlin dx 11/04, pumping IR1250 since 5/05
Father of Reed dx 1/06, pumping IR1250 since 3/06
Husband to Amy dx 9/01, pumping MM511 since 5/03, IR1250 since 5/05
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