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Re: [IPu] (Fwd) FW: Disetronic cartridges and infusion sets on Governmen

Hi Lynette (again)

The prefilled cartridges used by the Dtron plus are insulin pen cartridges. 
I had a bit of a play with a Dtron plus a few weeks ago and got to ask all 
the fiddly questions, which is how I know. I think the Dtron plus also has 
an option of using a reservoir, but am not 100% sure on that (I can find 
out if you want).

The Disetronic rep up here (Brisbane) is a really lovely lady - whop 
coincidentally knows my sister, I recently found out - who wants me to get 
a D-tron plus (I am currently on a Minimed 507c, which I adore), and I'd be 
happy to contact her with any questions you might have.



At 12:43 PM 17/04/2003, you wrote:

>Hi Alan,
>Again, forgive my ignorance, but are Disetronic reservoirs pre-loaded with 3
>mls of insulin? (Unlike Minimed which, as you know, we load.)  It's only for
>interest sake I am asking. I didn't really have an option when I went on the
>pump, Minimed was the only one my endocrinologist knew, and had the contacts
>As for the minimed inserter: I am certainly in favour of it!!!
>I will have to be patient and wait for Minimed's application to go through. I
>would assume it will be approved if the Disetronic infusion set is. The
>nuisance of it will be (as Tori has mentioned) may be that to be covered by
>the insurance I will have to be admitted to hospital just to get the
>Lynette Wamsteker

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