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Re: [IPu] (Fwd) FW: Disetronic cartridges and infusion sets on Governmen

The Disetronic consumables are considered a prosthetic device which is why 
they can be claimed from private health insurers (they are on a schedule, 
just as pumps are; this has been a very recent addition to prosthetic 
lists, and the Disetronic consumables have a particular prosthetic device 
number which is now theoretically covered. The Minimed consumables do NOT 
have such a number yet, so there is little point in trying to claim the 
costs back).

Disetronic cannulas can be used with Minimed pumps (and vice versa), but 
they are a bit different and have to be inserted manually (no "Sof-serter 
or similar). I think you'll find Minimed consumables also are added to the 
schedule in the near future. Bear in mind, however, that as far as I know, 
only one Disetronic patient has been successful in this endeavour (a Qld 
patient will be trying it next month) - I am unsure where they reside - and 
to obtain these consumables you must be given them whilst in hospital as a 
private patient (just like with a pump). I believe you only need to be in 
there for a half day or so, but again, I don't think this has really been 
tested yet.

So don't go jumping the gun *just* yet.


At 05:30 PM 15/04/2003, you wrote:
>Hi Alan,
>Thanks for your reply. I use a minimed too. I apologise for my ignorance but:
>Do the disetronic fit minimed? Do they not have QR? If Disetronic is claimable
>why isn't minimed? But I think I might take up your suggestion and try putting
>in a claim on my health fund anyway (for minimed!?). Can't hurt!!
>Lynette Wamsteker
>   ----- Original Message -----
>   From: Alan Reed
>   To: email @ redacted
>   Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2003 10:39 AM
>   Subject: Re: [IPu] (Fwd) FW: Disetronic cartridges and infusion sets on
>   Lynette,
>   I would expect that the normal 'hospital cover' should be all that you
>   require. I would suggest that you should submit your last invoice for
>   infusion sets and cartridges and see what happens.  Unfortunately for me I
>   use the MiniMed pump which is not waterproof thus I am locked into their QR
>   disconnect sets.
>   By the way neither of the local pump suppliers are members of  IP-AUS.
>   Alan Reed Admin.

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