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[IPu] Re: Thankyou.....

Thanks for your reply. I bam sure you will get some help from the local
members. In case you do not know some still use the USA blood sugar values
and they usually are in 6 figures e.g.145. To find their logical equivalent
divide by 18, or to change ours to theirs multiply by 18.
I think most of us using pumps still run into high's and low's but the
saving grace is that we can take immediate action to iron them out, e.g.
glucose to increase when you are low and insulin when you are high. I find
that when I do this I can get back to the 4 to 7 within 2 hours and not the
2 days as when I was on 5 injections a day.
Have you seen the 'Pumping Insulin' book by John Walsh and Ruth Roberts? If
not it is certainly worth looking at as it is the "Pumpers Bible'. Diabetes
Australia should have copies, I know that their shops in NSW have it
available at a cost of approximately $70.00.
Keep in touch.
Alan Reed
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........for your e-mail. I will keep it and can refer back to it.
I am very loath to get into a situation where I receive lots of e-mails.
This is the first cyberspace group I have joined - and have done so because
I felt it could really be helpful.
I will leave it just at Oz for the time being.
Carolyn Macafee
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