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Re: [IPu] Hellow

On 17 Apr 2002 at 11:45, Doris Millar wrote:

> Dear Alan,
> The programmes they have in the U.K. and America on pump use would be great if
> we could get something out here.   Diabetes Australia to me are very lethargic
> regarding helping us pump users getting some help from the Government re the
> cost of comsumables, etc. etc.    We are somewhat few in number so we go to the
> end of the queue.
> My stomach region will not accept or absorb insulin so I am inserting around my
> ribcage area.   I don't know for how long I can do  this  - run out of places 
> but for now it is O.K.
> Have a great holiday in the U.K.
> Regards,
> Doris Millar
> ----------------------------------------------------------


As I see part of the solution is to get more people into pumping so that it will become a bigger part of the picture.  Besides being a pump advocate, perhaps being a 
Pumping Proselytizer will help to bring along this change.  As one of the New Yorkers said on the Main List, "Be Loud, Be Proud, Be Bumpy".  In other words don't be 
embarrased to show it off.  It's not the CURE, but this is a solution that is even better than a Pancreas Transplant.  Let people know just how much this improves life and 
how much importance this has to so many.

As to the site problems, there are many other areas to use.  When I give myself a "belly break", I use the Disetronic Rapids, 6 mm, in my arms.  I'm able to put the pump 
in an "Arm Thing" and it is quite comfortable and easy to access.  The arm sites have been very responsive.

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