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RE: [IP] It finally Ran out

When we moved to Mexico in March I was able to bring 6 months on Omnipods
with me.  The last one expired this morning.  In anticipation of that event
I had booked an appointment with a new endo for this evening to get
restarted on injections.  He didn't seem to care too much that as a type 2
diabetic for 24 years and a pumper for 6 years and proceeded to talk to me
about diet and tell me that I was using just way too much insulin.  When I
mentioned the ratios set in my PDM by my endo in the states he kind of got a
blank look.  Anyway he did recommend Lantus and a fast acting called
Shogart.  I had never heard of it.  What he told me to use of the Lantus was
way below what my basal rates have been.  And told me to only use 4 units of
fast acting before breakfast, lunch and dinner - nothing about corrections.
Not a word about carb counting.  Hell he told me not to even test for 4 days
and then just once a day to avoid diabetic burnout.  Don't think he is going
to be the endo for me - I have recommendations for several more.  He gave me
a meal plan that included white rice and pasta - he told me to eat small
amounts even though I told him that I knew they spiked my blood sugar.

Good thing is that the appointment was 700 pesos,  (about 37 US) and a box
of 5 Lantus pens were 998 pesos (about 54 US) - the Shogart was 208 pesos
(about 11 US).

Anyway this will tide me over until I can visit another endo.  In the
meantime I intend to continue to monitor and adjust the bolus does as

My CGM transmitter and receiver died.  I will order new ones to be delivered
to my daughters house when I visit in November.

The beach is beautiful.

Nora Nevers

Subject: [IP] It finally bit the dust

Well, with my backup MM508 having died a couple of months ago. My present
working 508 has finally bitten the dust.  Endo told me to call Medtronic for
a new once (of course getting Lantus after hours was a bit tricky) but I do
NOT want a MMM - that's why I was hanging on to the 508s.

I searched out t-slim and have talked to them and it is in the works. 
Meantime I'm injecting Apidra and Lantus after 33 years pumping.

Jan & Bluda II - T-1, 11/5/50, pumping 8/23/83, Dialyzing 7/8/02

Bluda Sue (& II) were named after my dolly when I was 3 y/o. I guess this
one will be called Muskers after my 30 y/o grandson's invisible doggy when
he was 3 .

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