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Re: [IP] Need Help Finding Good Pump Supply Company

Kristina's suggestion that you get "Rx's for more than your usual
monthly need" is very plausible".  Also, do you have more than one
pump, like a back up?  If so, it may make your diabetes care more
flexible in that, as long as you have reservoirs for pump(s) and the
connection between the reservoir and the infusion is a "luer" lock
(Google this term if unfamiliar with it), then you can pretty much use
other infusions.

Another thing to do in the future is try to extend the use of your
infusion if you can.  For example, do you change every two and a half
to three days?  If so, change the infusion every three days and few
hours more to save on infusions.  In time, you will have saved
(hoarded) infusions for emergencies.  By having your doctor write
"Rx's for more than your usual monthly need", you will have more

Also, be on the lookout for people who are giving/selling supplies
they no longer use.  You may be able to use them.  You are fortunate
that your insurance pays for strips and IV preps.  I had to give up
using IV preps when my insurance, years ago, stopped paying for them..
I currently have no insurance, so I use the cheapest meter and strips
on the market, the Walmart brand ReliOn.  They work fine and I keep
track of what my BG's pattern is.  Then every 3 to 6 I do an A1C to
make sure that I am on target.

 All this takes time; but it is doable with a little patience. Good luck to you.

On Sat, Sep 24, 2016 at 5:10 PM, Phoenix Becker
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> I really need help finding a new pump supply company. My supply company has
> recently been bought out it has become clear that they expect me to go
> without supplies for at least a week or more every month! I've done a lot
> of online research and called a list my insurance company gave me but I
> have not been able to find a single option. I'm in Massachusetts so the
> company would have to serve my area. If you have a company that you are
> reasonably happy with then please share. Then I can call them and see if
> they take my insurance. Yes, I know about MiniMed direct but they don't
> take my insurance. Considering I have pretty much devoted my life to making
> sure I always have plenty of medical supplies on hand you can see how
> distressing this is.
> I've used Neighborhood Diabetes for years very happily until they were
> recently sold to Liberty and it has been hellish trying to get my supplies
> ever since. I called Neighborhood on August 19th because my supplies should
> have automatically arrived a week earlier. They informed me that they were
> transferring to a new computer system and no orders were going out unless
> you called and asked for it. They confirmed my prescriptions and said they
> would send out my order priority immediately. The next week I received a
> call from my Endo's office saying they had sent new scripts to my supply
> companie. On August 31st I called Neighborhood again because I had still
> not recieved my supplies, they said that they were not sending my supplies
> because they were waiting for prescriptions, I pointed out that they had
> confirmed my prescriptions when I called on the 19th, they then admitted
> that the prescriptions were in their other computer and they could have
> sent the supplies. I told them that I was out of infusion sets and they
> said they would overnight my order. I asked them what was going wrong with
> the company and they admitted that they had just been bought out by
> Liberty. On 9/2/16 I called Liberty because I still had not received my
> order, they explained that they had overnighted some test strips to me and
> had mailed my infusion set my sloooow mail that day. This is the type of
> dysfunctional mix up that made it clear that Liberty was not going to work
> out. Bye then it was the Friday before Labor Day weekend so I was stuck. I
> spent two and a half hours on the phone to talk to a manager who basically
> said they could not do anything, but did say they would send me 6 free
> infusion set to use in future emergencies and they would send out my next
> order the following week since my order would be arriving an entire month
> late.
> I finally got my supplies on September 6th. They have also really cut back
> how many supplies I get. You have to fight to get even a few IV preps which
> stinks because with the sureT you really need the IV preps to keep them in
> place. The worst part is when I called about my next order they claimed
> that because my last order was so late insurance would not let them send my
> next order until October (effectively skipping one order) and they could
> not ship the new order until 30 days after I received my previous order.
> Now I only received 30 days of supplies and the order will take about 6
> days to ship to me so that effectively means that every month I will be
> without supplies for about a week. Guess what? They also canceled the 6
> free infusion sets they were going to give me because they said I don't
> need them and  the person I was speaking to said they could not give
> emergency supplies. Despite the fact that all of this was their fault to
> begin with.
> For years Neighborhood would happily ship out my supplies every three weeks
> arriving in plenty of time and I always had what I needed, and there were
> no unreasonable 'Insurance Rules' keeping them from getting the supplies I
> needed. I really suspect that Liberty is pretending that their are more
> rules than there really are just so they can short supplies and make more
> money on their supply contract.
> I don't know why pump supply companies are all so underground....that
> doesn't really help anyone. I just really need to find a better company and
> get away from this one as soon as possible. I appreciate any and all
> suggestions. Thanks.
> Phoenix
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