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Re: [IP] Insulin using Pump Part B Medicare does NOT work with Kaiser Permanente!!!

Call KP back and tell them to 'escalate' this to whoever does handle Part B
billing, they have to have someone with the knowledge after all, your
doctors expenses are billed Part B.  If they give you any excuse, any
run-around, any doubt as to their knowledge, ask for a Supervisor. If you
get the same from a Supervisor, have them escalate it to a higher level and
have that Supervisor call you back when they have it worked out.  If you
continue to get the run-around tell them you are going to the State
Insurance Dept. to get it resolved and if it is not, then you will change

On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 10:59 AM, Becky Michael LaSpina <
email @ redacted> wrote:

> I went through four months of APPEALS within Kaiser and with assistance
> from
> outside guidance {SHIP}.   DENIED DENIED DENIED.
> Prescription written correctly for use in insulin pump BUT I am always
> billed
> to Part D. Even a letter to the head of KP did nothing for me.
> One KP Pharmacist told me that the prescription as written should be
> to be billed to Part B.  Then I was told by an individual through SHIP that
> Kaiser Permanente does NOT have a Part B billing department!  KP claims
> they
> do.
> Extremely frustrating that Kaiser Permanente ignores their own Medicare
> rules.
> I am coming up for the ability to change Medicare provider and seriously
> looking at other insurers.  I have been a member of KP since 1984!
> Calling Medicare themselves did not help. They agreed that my insulin
> should
> be billed to Part B but that is as far as they go.
> Becky LaSpina
> Type I since 1957
> Animas PING currently
> member of IP since 1998

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