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[IP] Weight and BG Variability

 I was diagnosed with T1D 49 years ago in September, 1966, at age 27. I have
been hospitalized twice for ketoacidosis, in 1967 when I lost consciousness due
to dehydration, severe nausea, and vomiting. Three days later I woke up in the
ICU. In 1988 I became very ill and again was admitted to the ICU. I recovered
from both episodes. Each time I had weight loss of 40 to 50 lbs. from my normal
weight. I regained the lost weight each time and moved on.

 Over the years various doctors have encouraged me to lose 10 lbs. or so of
extra weight. Today my BMI hovers around 26 kilograms per square meter, which is
borderline overweight. My weight does vary a little due to activity, appetite,
and BG control. In general, when my BGs are lower I will gain a few lbs. The
opposite is also true.

 My last HbA1c was 7.0%. When I review my CareLink Personal reports, The
standard deviation, a measure of BG variability, averages about 40 mg/dl. I
asked my endocrinologist about this variability and he said that it was
satisfactory. He also said I was being too hard on myself. I believe that an
HbA1c value by itself has limited value. I would prefer a lower value
accompanied by less variability.

Jerry Smith
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