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RE: [IP] Just Got Thrown Out of a Doctor's Office

I would report him to the medical association as well as ratemd and other

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Subject: [IP] Just Got Thrown Out of a Doctor's Office

 I thought I needed to share this story here. Y'all know how we diabetics
know our bodies pretty darn well. We research, we program pumps, and we
usually have a very heightened sense of issues going on with our health.
 Well, I have been dealing with much stress. A ruthless IRS audit, and two
business equipment failures since July. Losing about a month of work.
 I have recently been diagnosed with Dupuytrens, which is a hand disease. I
also have Fibro, and arthritis issues. Graves disease too, a nice autoimmune
 I needed a back Xray so that I could see a specialist. The stress has been
making things hurt and nerve pain etc has been increasing. My CDE and I are
trying to see if there is neuropathy going on or whatever.
So, I went to my primary care clinic, which is an osteopath clinic.
 The PA asks only where my back pain is, and when I mention my health
conditions, which you would think he would care about, he tells me to leave.
Get out, go. I have too many things and he is only there to focus on one.
Don't Osteopaths focus on the whole man?????? Really?
 I stood there, looked him in the eye, proudly did not cry and firmly told
him what an excellent relationship I have with my CDE, and my other doctors.
All of them. All of them. And I let him have it with regards to diabetes and
how we know that things build on things, affecting blood sugar etc. Fibro
too. I was a support group leader, I know fibro. And I dont take any drugs
for it, so if that was what his stink was about?!
 I am horrified. And I have a big internet mouth. As a small business owner,
I know unreasonable customers from those who truly need help and need issued
Really, I cannot believe this.
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