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Re: [IP] Lasik

 The margin of error is kind of a bad phrase. With high prescriptions and
thinner corneas there is a greater chance that the eye will not hold the
correction quite as well as someone with a small prescription and thick corneas.
In the high prescriptions we like to have thicker corneas so once the eye
stabilizes we can go back in and fine tune the correction. The complications
such as decreased night vision and glare are problems more related to older
technologies of laser correction. They still have to get mentioned because they
occurred in the initial clinical trials 20 years ago.
Surgical LASIK technologist

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On Sep 6, 2013, at 9:26 PM, Signe Myhren <email @ redacted> wrote:

> A few years ago I wrote to an eye doctor at the Joslin Clinic who had
 > successfully treated a friend's retinopathy with laser. I wrote to him
 > my own ophthalmologist kept telling me I should have LASIK, since I am
> nearsighted. (I wear contact lenses.)The doctor at the Joslin wrote back and
 > said that the use of LASIK surgery in long-term diabetics is not clear, and
 > often diabetics' eyes do not heal as quickly as non-diabetics', and that
 > may result in glare, haze and night vision changes. In the future, if a
 > who has had LASIK needed to undergo laser treatment (for retinopathy) the
> that had been done before might complicate the laser treatment.
> I gave the letter to my opthalmologist, who forgot about it. A year later he
> started mentioning the LASIK again. I told him about the letter in his file.
> Then he said "Oh, never mind. I just
> realized that you are SO nearsighted that, if I did LASIK, there would be no
> margin for error, so it can't be done your eyes, anyway! I definitely did not
> like the mention of needing to have a 'margin for error!'
> Signe
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