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[IP] Lasik

 A few years ago I wrote to an eye doctor at the Joslin Clinic who had
successfully treated a friend's retinopathy with laser. I wrote to him because
my own ophthalmologist kept telling me I should have LASIK, since I am extremely
nearsighted. (I wear contact lenses.)The doctor at the Joslin wrote back and
said that the use of LASIK surgery in long-term diabetics is not clear, and that
often diabetics' eyes do not heal as quickly as non-diabetics', and that LASIK
may result in glare, haze and night vision changes. In the future, if a person
who has had LASIK needed to undergo laser treatment (for retinopathy) the LASIK
that had been done before might complicate the laser treatment.

 I gave the letter to my opthalmologist, who forgot about it. A year later he
started mentioning the LASIK again. I told him about the letter in his file.
Then he said "Oh, never mind. I just
 realized that you are SO nearsighted that, if I did LASIK, there would be no
margin for error, so it can't be done your eyes, anyway! I definitely did not
like the mention of needing to have a 'margin for error!'
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