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[IP] Running out of ideas

My name is Dawn, and I have Type 1 mody type 6 diabetes initiated by
hereditary pancreatitis. I am having a Total Pancreatectomy (removal of my
entire pancreas) within the next few weeks. I am on a Medtronic 722 pump
and a Dexcom 7+ CGM I am on medicare and I have been fighting them for
months to get my supplies covered. I had bought a lot of reservoirs, insets
(Quick sets but will use anything), and sensors for my dexcom when my
caregiver got his taxes back however, I am going to run out and I am at a
loss. Medicare says they can't help me until I get my medicare advantage
plan changed during open enrollment. I guess what I am asking(begging
really) is to see if anyone has any extra of any of these supplies even
expired supplies as I don't know what to do. Due to the brittle diabetes I
can not control my sugars without my pump and cgm. My sugars can go from
normal to 700 in a matter of minutes or in the opposite direction to the
point I end up having to get glucagon shot. I can afford to pay for
shipping if anyone has any. Thank you so much for your help....
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