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[IP] Re: MM to Omnipod advice

 I've been using MM pumps for all of my 19 years of pumping and have had
excellent customer service the whole time. Sure, now that they're "corporate"
they don't send end of year Christmas ornaments and let you pick a free gift
from their accessory catalogue like they did in the old days, but who does? I'm
sure some people have had bad experiences with them just as some have had with
the others, but speaking for myself they've been great. I have no plans to
change unless someone else comes out with a really small pump the size of the
Omnipod but with tubing so that I can still use Silhouettes and wear the pump
clipped on my bra. Pam

 > <Is Minimed trying to make money? Of course!! So is Animas (Johnson &
> OmniPod (Insulet) and every other pump company. They are ALL about the money>
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