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Re: [IP] re: MM to Omnipod Advice

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> From: amber elliott <email @ redacted>
> Omni - nothing to do with MM.  I was really friendly w/my denver rep... they
> don't like MM either.. Like me... I don't like them at all..they're 
> ALL about
> MONEY, not c/service.  Never again.  I d MM for about
> 10 yrs and rance.  The rep, Craig, said he'd w/sets... a YR LATER my End
> interviened w/a different pump co d te me six months of sets and said  If I
> ever needed more, just ask.  All  $$$ to MM!  Ahoes.
> amber

 I have not had many issues with Minimed's customer service. Back in 2005 when I
got my first pump and was having problems with Quick-Sets I did have one woman
who was rude and tried to make me feel like an idiot for even calling, but other
than that I have had excellent service from Minimed. When I got a motor error
for the second time on my new Revel two years ago they said they would overnight
a pump that day (Friday) for delivery on Saturday by noon. Noon came and went
and no UPS delivery showed up so I called them. There was an error somewhere on
their end and the order wasn't put through the final step. They put a new pump
on a plane that afternoon and I got it Saturday evening. I consider that to be
excellent service. I have never heard of another pump company doing same day
delivery for a replacement pump. Minimed has sent me samples of a number of
different sets. When I was having problems with Quick-Sets and asked for
  Silhouettes they gave me a free inserter for the Sils (and sent me 4 or 6 free
sets to try).

 Is Minimed trying to make money? Of course!! So is Animas (Johnson & Johsnson),
OmniPod (Insulet) and every other pump company. They are ALL about the money. If
it was just anout customer service, all of the Cozmo pumpers would still be
pumping with Cozmo.
Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 723 Revel + CGMS
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