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Re: [IP] re: MM to Omnipod Advice

Omni - nothing to do with MM.  I was really friendly w/my denver rep... they
don't like MM either.. Like me... I don't like them at all..they're ALL about
MONEY, not c/service.  Never again.  I d MM for about
10 yrs and rance.  The rep, Craig, said he'd w/sets... a YR LATER my End
interviened w/a different pump co d te me six months of sets and said  If I
ever needed more, just ask.  All  $$$ to MM!  Ahoes.

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Sent: Friday, September 28, 2012 9:00 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] MM to Omnipod Advice

question:  Is the Omni a "relative of MM 772 or made from a different 
company? My staff only issues the MM, but would like to be knowledgable of
different kinds out there for future. Thanks!  Sorry I can't help with 
your concerns

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I have  changed from the MiniMed 722 to the Omnipod in the last 6 weeks, and
would  like feedback from anyone who has done the same, positive or
cautionary.  I
love not having a tube, and the PDM is easier to read than the old 722 
screen. I
am finding that I can bump/dislodge the pod more easily than my  old
sites, but it seems that with no tubing to deal with, I can  use new
areas, my upper arms in particular, which I like a lot,  plus the water

Anyone else have comments we can all  learn from?

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Sent: Friday, September 28, 2012 8:37 AM
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Subject: [IP] toenail surgery

Janet -

You  asked about toenail removal - I was thinking about this a year ago
also -
I  haven't had it done yet as the podiatrist showed me how to keep about
1/4  of
the side of my toenail cut clear down - it isn't easy to do - and of  course
you have to be able to get "contorted" to be able to see and hold  your foot
really good to cut the nail yourself - however it has worked for  me so far.
Anyway - I googled something along the lines of "toe nail  surgery" or "toe
nail removal".  Amazing - but many people have wrote  about it after having
done - and some people even have step by step  pictures they took along the
during the surgery - so I would advise  googling it - you will get a really
clear "picture" and story about how it  is currently being done.


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