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Re: [IP] Verio IQ

Yes, I am on MCHA.  I got my Ping in 2009 while I was still on BC/BS of 
MN. The first time that I went to get strips from Walgreens after 
switching to MCHA, they told me that I was supposed to be on Contour. 
But...I needed One Touch strips to be able to use the remote for the 
Ping.  I asked Medica, and they sent Walgreens an override so that I 
could get One Touch strips from Walgreens.

When I got a Dexcom in 2010, Edgepark asked me if I would like to get 
test strips from them.  The price at Edgepark was much higher than at 
Walgreens, so I stuck to Walgreens.

I am hoping to be able to get t:slim cartridges anywhere but Edgepark. I 
asked Medica why they would reimburse Edgepark for Inset infusion sets 
at 3 times what Animas sells them for, but they sent a response about 
in-network vs out-of-network vendors and and not address the issue.

Denise B.

On 9/28/2012 4:56 PM, Laddie Lindahl wrote:
> Denise-
> My memory is that you are on MCHA.  I am also on MCHA and have no problems
> getting One Touch strips.  Are you buying your strips at the pharmacy?
> The key with MCHA is to buy your test strips from Edgepark.  I was told by
> Edgepark that I can get any brand of test strips that I want.  When I
> started with MCHA, I was getting Contour strips.  Then I decided to start
> using the link meters with my Revel pump.  I just ordered One Touch strips
> instead.  I don't know whether Edgepark had to get a different prescription
> from my endo, but if they did, they took care of it.  I get 900 strips (18
> vials of 50 strips) from Edgepark for a 90 day supply.
> So unless you have already mailed away your Verio IQ meter, I would hold
> off.  The Verio IQ uses a new Gold Test Strip and although I have not
> purchased this kind of strip, it is listed on Edgepark.  The item # is
> 022271EP.
> I have had very good service from Edgepark.  The key is to ignore their
> "retail prices" that have nothing to do with what Medica MCHA pays.  Before
> you satisfy your deductible, you still get the Medica negotiated rates,
> although I once had a rep quote me the "retail price" in error.
> Email me directly if I can help you and we can exchange phone numbers.  (I
> used to post on this site as Casabby, but I've been gone for a while.  Just
> joined back.)
> Laddie
> .
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