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[IP] Verio IQ


My memory is that you are on MCHA.  I am also on MCHA and have no problems
getting One Touch strips.  Are you buying your strips at the pharmacy?

The key with MCHA is to buy your test strips from Edgepark.  I was told by
Edgepark that I can get any brand of test strips that I want.  When I
started with MCHA, I was getting Contour strips.  Then I decided to start
using the link meters with my Revel pump.  I just ordered One Touch strips
instead.  I don't know whether Edgepark had to get a different prescription
from my endo, but if they did, they took care of it.  I get 900 strips (18
vials of 50 strips) from Edgepark for a 90 day supply.

So unless you have already mailed away your Verio IQ meter, I would hold
off.  The Verio IQ uses a new Gold Test Strip and although I have not
purchased this kind of strip, it is listed on Edgepark.  The item # is

I have had very good service from Edgepark.  The key is to ignore their
"retail prices" that have nothing to do with what Medica MCHA pays.  Before
you satisfy your deductible, you still get the Medica negotiated rates,
although I once had a rep quote me the "retail price" in error.

Email me directly if I can help you and we can exchange phone numbers.  (I
used to post on this site as Casabby, but I've been gone for a while.  Just
joined back.)

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