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Re: [IP] MiniMed hasn't given up yet!

good luck
type 1 diagnosed age 10, in 1975, NPH and R until 1996, N and  
 NOVOLOG/HUMALOG until 2002,Lantus and NOVOLOG/HUMALOG until 2011, pumping since
Minimed medtronic paradigm Revel, one touch ultra link..  

In a message dated 9/28/2011 11:44:12 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
email @ redacted writes:

I got a  call a couple of days ago from someone named Lana from 
Medtronic.   She said that she was going to check out who said what where 
when and how  at my doctor's office and check with my insurance company 
about  coverage.  Apparently, she now has the information that she needs,  
because she called to ask me if we could meet.  Hmmm...that means  that 
she wants a signature on something!  We talked quite a bit about  her two 
teenagers, who are both on pumps - Medtronic, of course.  If  a person 
has to be involved in selling something, it's nice to sell  something 
that they really and truly believe in.  It will also be  nice to talk 
with a salesperson who is an experienced user of pumps, no  matter if 
it's vicarious through children.  When I got my first  Animas, my 
salesperson was a woman named Vicky whose two daughters used  Animas 
pumps.  That, alas, was in the old days before Johnson &  Johnson bought 
Animas.  Vicky went to Novartis to sell insulin and as  far as I know, 
she's still there.

Lana was trying to talk me into  using MiniMed's guardian...she says that 
there is a new version stuck in  the FDA pipeline.  (I believe that she 
said that it was in the FDA  approval process, but isn't "in" and "stuck 
in" just about the same thing  if one is talking about the government?) 
This could become a session of  "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" 
pertaining to CGM systems!   I promised to show her how to insert a 
Dexcom...  I'm pretty sure  that she hasn't given up on selling 
Medtronic's system.

We're going  to IHOP next Wednesday morning, even though neither one of 
us is really  into carbs.  I will keep you posted of progress - if there 
is  any.

Denise  B.
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