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Re: [IP] infusion sets

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> From: Tom Chafin <email @ redacted>
> MM (minimed) actually has 4 different types of infusion sets (that  I'm aware
> of).

You forgot a couple.  They also have the Sof-Set, which is another plastic 
cannula that is inserted at 90 degrees like the Quick-Set or Mio.  The 
difference is that the Sof-Set's disconnect is along the tubing so when you 
 disconnect you leave about 4" of tubing hanging from the site. You also need to
 use tape to hold it in because there is no built-in adhesive. The sets do come
 with two pieces each so you don't have to buy anything extra. I find that using
the Sof-Sets is time consuming because of the taping and I also experience 
itching from the tape if it's hot/humid outside.  

 There is also the bent needle set, a metal set that is inserted at an angle. I
believe that you also need extra tape to hold these in.  I don't know if they 
 supply anything with the sets or if you need to provide your own. I assume they
 have a disconnect along the tubing like the Sof-Set but I'm not really sure. I
have never run across anyone who uses these but people must because they still 
offer them.  Some people do have teflon allergies and can't use the soft 
cannulas. Until they introduced the Sure-T, this was their only option.

With the exception of the bent needle sets, all of Minimed sets come in 
different cannula/needle lengths and they also come in different tubing 
lengths.  The Quick-Set, Silhouette and Sof-Sets all have available insertion 
devices if you don't want to insert them manually.  

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Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 723 Revel + CGMS
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