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RE: [IP] infusion sets

> I'm getting ready to start using the Revel 723 and have a question about
> infusion sets. I would like to know the pros and cons of using the soft tee
> and the quick set and which one you use. ...
> Michael

Hi Michael,

I think when you said 'soft tee' you meant SureT.

MM (minimed) actually has 4 different types of infusion sets (that I'm aware

1.) Quick-Sets are inserted at a 90 degree angle.  They have a plastic
catheter (cannula) that is inserted with a needle - after insertion the needle
is removed.  Many pumpers I know refuse to use Quick-Sets because they've had
so many problems with the cannula getting kinked.  I've not had that problem.

2.)  SureT's are also inserted at a 90 degree angle and have a short steel
cannula.  There are many avid SureT users I know, but it's the only set that
occassionally stings me (more on that).

3.)   Sillhouettes are inserted at about a 30 degree angle, and also have a
plastic cannula.

4.)   Mios have a plastic cannula that is also 90 degree.  Each set has it's
own inserter that is discarded after use.

Personally, I use Quick-Sets in my sides and upper butt.  Since I'm fairly
lean, I use the 6 mm cannula.  I also went ahead and got the inserter for use
with them (called a QuickSerter).  It's the only set I use with a inserter.  I
use the 13 mm Silhouettes (with the longer tubing) in my thighs.   I then use
a SureT in my arm (using the same tubing as the Sil)  Sometimes the SureT
kinda stings - I don't know if it's because my arms are so skinny or what.
It's the only type that is ever uncomfortable, but it's very rare that it
happens.  I save my belly for my sensors.  I tried the Mio, but didn't really
care for it, plus it seemed like it was a big waste of plastic.

As others have already suggested, request samples of each.

Good luck!  If you're like most of the pumpers I know, your reaction after a
while will be 'Why did I wait so long to start pumping?!?'.

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