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Re: [IP] Steroid shots for pain management

At 01:04 AM 9/30/2010, Nora Nevers wrote:
>Has anyone ever taken these?  How did you react.
>I had 2 in my back today and they told me to check my bs frequently today.
>However I was so groggy from the feel good stuff that I slept until almost 8
>this evening.  At 9 my bs was 454 - the OmniPod won't even bolus that high
>and I had to use a Novolog pen.
>I just took it again and it's only down to 322.  Since the pen was out I
>used it again so that I didn't burn up this pod in record time.
>Anyone have any experiences with these pain management steroid shots?

Yes.  I've had to double my basals and boluses for a time after 
getting the steroid shot.  For me, the high bg effect lasted for 
about 2 weeks or so.  YMMV.

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