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RE: [IP] Re: changing morning bolus

5 cups of water - 200 g of oats (thankfully my scale weighs in grams too)
and then what.

I'm guessing let it soak overnight - then do you cook in that water, drain
and cook in fresh water, or is it all soaked up and you just have to warm


Do you know how many grams of carbs is in your 1 1/4 cup servings?  I
suspect that I would do the same amount - previously 1 serving has not "held
me" until noon.

Thanks, Nora

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> From: Nora Nevers <email @ redacted>

> Do you add anything to your oatmeal like cream or artificial sweetener?
> love oatmeal but have not yet figured out how to work it in.  I know  that
> the steel cut are more "whole" than the rolled - how do you fix the  steel
> cut?  Do the ground flax seeds help reduce the bump in bg from the
> or just make it crunchy?
> Nora
> T2 dx 11/92, Omnipod Feb  2010


I think rolled oats are as "whole" as steel cut oats, just flattened.  I
 know if the difference in size/shape makes the steel cut oat slower to
 just like the texture of them. I do like old fashioned rolled oats as well
make those if I haven't had time to make any steel cut oats.  I fix 4
of steel cut oats at a time using the overnight soak method.  I also have a 
little more than one serving each time.  I use 5 cups of water and 200g of 
uncooked oats, which is 5 servings (40g dry is one serving).  I divide those
servings into 4 portions so I have 1 1/4 servings each morning.  When I was 
 eating just one regular servings I found I got hungry for lunch much
sooner. I
grind the flax seeds in a coffee grinder and add a heaping tablespoon, about

 12g. I add whatever kind of fruit I have on hand. Sometimes it's fresh
or banana (I can only do 3 oz banana at most), sometimes dried fruit
 currants, apricots, apples - I usually add 22g of dried fruit). I do also
add 2
packets of Equal and cinnamon.  I made the oatmeal with water and add a
 milk only if it comes out too thick. The flax will thicken it if it's a
watery.  I add the flax to each serving as I'm ready to eat it.  I reheat
oatmeal in the microwave each morning and store the leftovers in the fridge.

Even eating the same breakfast all the time I sometimes have vastly
 results. Hormones play a big [part in that. During the times of the month
 I have higher resistance I can sometimes have a big spike and will fight to
 my BG down before lunch. When I actually have my period I have to be
careful of
lows, and will usually do a dual wave bolus.  Other times it's perfect and I

barely see a rise at all on my CGMS graph.  My breakfast I:C ratio is 1:16
depending on the time of the month I will manually increase or decrease the 
bolus as needed.  I try to bolus 15-20 minutes before eating.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 723 Revel + CGMS
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