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Re: [IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V11 #964

On 09/29/2010 05:51 PM, Sue Ann Bowling wrote:
> I am really puzzled now. I've been on Medicare (with a pump) for 5 
> years and have never been asked for a log. I keep one on an Excel 
> spreadsheet and take it to my doctor appts. on my laptop, but nobody's 
> ever asked me for a copy, though I could email one easily enough. Got 
> supplies directly from Medtronic until recently when CCS took over. 
> They insisted on a fasting c-peptide, but no one has ever asked me for 
> a log.
I have been on Medicare for 12 years. I have been asked for once in a 
lifetime C-peptide test three times. Every time I have changed 
suppliers. It seems they do not know what it is or how to calculate if 
you meet the guidelines. One even told me my 0.03 was too low and they 
can not figure if it is with in the range Medicare requires. Another 
which I passed on told me it needs to be taken every 3 months and MUST 
be within 110% of the lab MAXIMUM.

My supplier has only asked for logs in tne last 18 months. None hav ever 
asked before. My old endo ( I am going with Kaiser Oct 1) only wanted a 
two week printout of my BG tests and never really looked at except to 
comment about the 200+ highs. Not one word about 60 lows. I did say my 
old endo, didn't I?

BTW, I am this group's token MODY. My insulin is partB but the Rx must 
say for use in a pump. I have never been questionedabout the 2vials a 
month by either the local pharmacy, Perscription Solutions, or Medco or 
United Health Care.

Fun, isn't it!!!

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