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Re: [IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V11 #964

I am really puzzled now. I've been on Medicare (with a pump) for 5  
years and have never been asked for a log. I keep one on an Excel  
spreadsheet and take it to my doctor appts. on my laptop, but nobody's  
ever asked me for a copy, though I could email one easily enough. Got  
supplies directly from Medtronic until recently when CCS took over.  
They insisted on a fasting c-peptide, but no one has ever asked me for  
a log.
On Sep 29, 2010, at 3:36 PM, Tom at-Hotmail wrote:

> Diane -Yes, I believe that your experience is what I expect also.  
> You must
> produce a blood sugar log for your supplier (DHS) every six  
> months... just in
> case Medicare wants to check on you. If DHS does not have your log,  
> you could
> be denied Medicare payment, which means DHS would have to ask you to  
> cough up
> the money that was denied by Medicare. Not only that, if you had  
> additional or
> secondary insurance, they would not be able to pay the additional  
> 20%. End
> result? You get billed for the entire amount for the supplies you  
> ordered. We
> are in the same situation re: a new pump since my pump is also 4  
> years old, we
> have to wait until year 5 to get a replacement pump.
> Best Regards, Tom

Sue Ann Bowling, Author of Homecoming
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