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Re: [IP] Re: changing morning bolus

At 06:32 PM 9/29/2010, email @ redacted wrote:
>Most probably what you are experiencing is a cortisol rise. This is
>according to Lily's endo from about 10 years ago. It is somewhat
>stress related. Lily's experience was like this....
>Sleep in, no rise
>Don't eat breakfast, no rise
>Eat protein only (no carbs) get rise anyway.
>So... on school days she would experience the rise if she ate
>anything. We measured it with a protein only breakfast, eggs &
>crystal lite. Her fix was a morning bolus of about a unit and a half
>on days she did not sleep in. The issue went away after about
>year.... I think her schedule changed as I recall but that was a
>while ago.

My bg rises even if I get up and eat nothing.  That really surprised 
the CDE when I first when on the pump and did fasting to set 
basal.  I'd get up, eat absolutely nothing and continuously rise to 
200 before lunch time.  That was a real clue.

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