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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V11 #964

------------------------------Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2010 18:26:24 -0700 (PDT)From:
Diane Carter <email @ redacted>Subject: [IP] Rx for insulinThe last
time I picked up my insulin refill from Walgreens I came across a bitof a
problem. They were only going to give me enough for 1 month instead ofthe
usual 90 days . I told them I had always gotten a 90 day supply. I wasasked
how much I used a day to verify how much I really needed. I'm onMedicare (not
sure if this makes a difference) but I was wondering whatexactlyis needed on a
rx for insulin? Do you have to have written how much a day inaddition to how
many vials are needed? Anybody else have this happen? I wasgiven my usual 5
vials after a bit of discussion but noticed that there wouldbeno more refills
even though I did have one more coming. I see my endo nextweekand will see
what he says. Things are definitely changing and accountabilityseems to be a
factor. Diane Diane - You should not have this problem but since you ordered
from your local pharmacy instead of opting out for your mail order
prescription option being handled by your Part B supplier (DHS?). I get my
Humalog insulin 90 days at a time from Prescription Solutions (AARP's mail
order supplier, which is my Part D Prescription coverage). However, the little
twist is that Humalog/Novalog is paid under Part B since this insulin is
catalogued under DME because it is used in an infusion pump, a DME device. So,
I order on a 90 day basis, as you can also do.Your endo may not know a thing
about this since billing generally is not his specialty. My physician was
clueless as well.. and he is a pump user himself! He's just not on Medicare
Best Regards, Tom
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