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Re: [IP] Re: changing morning bolus

Most probably what you are experiencing is a cortisol rise. This is 
according to Lily's endo from about 10 years ago. It is somewhat 
stress related. Lily's experience was like this....

Sleep in, no rise
Don't eat breakfast, no rise
Eat protein only (no carbs) get rise anyway.

So... on school days she would experience the rise if she ate 
anything. We measured it with a protein only breakfast, eggs & 
crystal lite. Her fix was a morning bolus of about a unit and a half 
on days she did not sleep in. The issue went away after about 
year.... I think her schedule changed as I recall but that was a 
while ago.


>  Thank you both, I was wondering if it was a separate issue than just
>  a basal
> setting.
> Judy
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> At 12:27 AM 9/29/2010, Elizabeth Blake wrote:
> >  It would work if I woke at the same time every single morning, but
> > I don't. One
> >time I changed my basal to account for the rise but then I slept in
> >one Sunday
> >  and had a bad low because I didn't get that post-waking rise. Yes,
> > I could also
> >  set up a second basal pattern but even then it still wouldn't
> > always work. It's
> >  not like I ever plan to sleep until 2:00 but sometimes I do! It's
> > hard to set a
> >  pattern if you don't know what time you'll be waking - 10am? noon?
> > 7:30? It's
> >easier to just take an extra bolus once I do wake and/or bolus for
> >breakfast well in advance.
> I agree with Liz.  If my basal is set higher and I decide to sleep in,
> then I could end up very low.  For me, the rise in bg has to do with
> getting up, not the time of day.
> RoseLea
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