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Re: [IP] Rx for insulin

 Awhile back I wrote this list after my pharmacist questioned why anyone would
possibly need two bottles a month? My breath was wasted as I tried to tell him
about how vials break, and how sometimes we have to prime insulin through the
tube to get rid of air bubbles.
 He then told me that because you draw air into the cartridge to fill it, you
are creating a non safe system which harbors bacteria.
No joke.
 So everyone who draws a plunger back, and then pushes air into anything is
creating an environment for bacteria. Hmmm.
 Anyway, I had the doctor write for over my daily amount of insulin, which gets
me two bottles per month.
 And yes, I have broken vials before and one time needed to go find an overnight
The stuff we deal with.......

Laura in NM.
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