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Re: [IP] Insurance Increase for 2010

At 03:44 PM 9/30/2009, you wrote:
>I am a Retired US Federal Employee. I have just been notified my Health
>for New York MVP self and family will go up to $485.88 a month That is 79.46
>more than Last
>year, that is 953.52 more a year. I really believe that this is due to the
>delving into the health care field.

Ha ha, that's a good one.

Wow, that's cheap for a family insurance plan.  The insurance I have 
through my employer costs just under $400 for a single person, and I 
pay half of that.  Family insurance is about $1000 at my workplace 
and the company only pays half a single person's amount so most of 
that family cost falls on the employee.  If I didn't get insurance 
through work, I'd be out of luck because of various pre=existing 
conditions and the cost.  I blame this on the insurance companies 
getting away with murder.

The business model is just wrong for dealing with healthcare.  The 
business model says that insurance companies should charge as much as 
they can and give as little as they can.  That means that the 
insurance company wants to deny as much as they can in terms of 
coverage because that saves them money, and they want to pay out as 
little as possible as well.  This, in my opinions, is just the wrong 
way to deal with healfthcare.  Under this model, an insurance company 
would be much better off just saying we don't cover 
diabetes.  Luckily, various governments, state and federal, have 
rules about what has to be covered.

NY, for example, required diabetes expenses to be covrered, so an 
insuarnce company wanting to do business in NY has to cover diabetes 
supplies.  There are also rules about how the insurance company 
coveres diabetes - at various co-pays, etc.

For me, I'm very glad the government has interfered to make such requirements.

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