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Re: [IP] Camel's Milk

That is a good Camel to lose for sure George.

But it is interesting. You know I've had a camel in my back yard. It hangs out
under the Redwood tree. Never knew what use it was. Go figya all these
years...who'd a known.  LOL

Seriously though, isn't that an interesting thing. Insulin in Camel's
milk...weird. Guess we'll here more about it, unless it is really truth. Then
it will be suppressed because it might actually save us some cash ultimately
costing the  Pharmaceutics industry.

Paul TI 2/1981 @21yo MM515

>I lost my camel long ago.  (it was a cigarette)


rescission=insurer-assisted suicide

 I've been doing some research on Camel's Milk. Apparently it can help
the onset of type 1 diabetes. But for existing type 1 diabetics it can cut
your insulin dosage in half if you drink a pint a day.  does anyone have
experience with this?

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