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Re: [IP] YAY! I got my record of diagnosis

At 07:39 PM 9/30/2009, Paul Lehman wrote:

>I got the Lilly 25 year Medal but haven't attempted the Joslin because they
>require Medical documents. My documents are not available or are buried
>somewhere in a vault in LA County... Da da da daaaaaaaaa (Beethoven's 5th
>symphony sound effects courtesy of the Imagination Company).

This is the criteria I have for Joslin:


1.  Photocopy of the discharge summary from the hospital in which 
treatment with insulin was started or a photocopy of a current 
medical record that states the date you were diagnosed with diabetes.

2.  If the physician who made the original diagnosis and started 
insulin is still living, a letter from the doctor would likewise be 
considered excellent documentation (if the information is taken from 
his/her records and dates are given).  If the physician is no longer 
living, often a younger associate has carried on the practice and the 
original files are still available.

3.  If the patient, in the days around the discovery of diabetes and 
starting of insulin treatment, kept a diary in which items such as 
urine and blood tests, diet, insulin, etc., were mentioned from time 
to time, photocopies of those sheets would be acceptable documentation.


The above measures may not prove feasible for some certificate or 
medal candidates.  As such, we will also accept letters of 
recommendation as a source of documentation. If the medal candidate 
has relatives or friends, usually older than or the same age as the 
patient, who can recall definitely the events surrounding the 
discovery of diabetes and the starting of insulin, statements from 
two or three of these individuals would be acceptable.   Ideally, the 
writer includes in such a letter or statement the mention of family 
happenings and/or local or national events of the same period which 
have fixed the date in mind.

As I explained, I had a letter from the diagnosing doctor and a 
letter from my sister.  That was sufficient.  You didn't have to have 
all these things.  I was told just two was enough.

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