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Re: [IP] Insurance Increase for 2010

--- On Wed, 9/30/09, RoseLea <email @ redacted> wrote:
> In my experience, premiums go up every year.  When I
> was last 
> working, our company insurance went up at least 15 to 20%
> every 
> year.  

 Our premiums go up every year as well. I think it depends on how much they've
paid out for your company's employees the previous year. I know that I get a lot
through insurance and I'm sure my costs are a big part of the increase. However,
one of my bosses seems to have a doctor appointment every other week and loves
to take medications. He has no chronic conditions, except maybe hypochondria.

 Our premiums have been seeing close to a 25% increase each year *if* we leave
the plan alone. Every year we try to make changes that will lower the premium
(or rather, lower the increase in the premium) without sacrificing benefits.
This usually means raising co-pays so that members end up paying more out of
pocket. For people who see a doctor maybe once or twice a year and don't take
any maintenance drugs they would rather see co-pays increase and save on the
monthly premium. This year (renewed in August) we kept the plan benefits the
same but increased doctor, specialist, hospital & ER co-pays. The premium still
went up but not nearly as much as it would have if we kept all of the co-pays
the same.

 This year co-pays for many drugs were increased (by moving medications to
different tiers) but that was nothing we had control over, as it affected
everyone who had plans through the insurance company. They also put limits on
the # of test strips (200/month) but I get mine covered as DME, not pharmacy, so
that doesn't affect me. Previously, all diabetes prescriptions (insulin, strips,
syringes, Symlin/Byetta, pens etc) were the generic co-pay but they moved
everything except generic oral medications to the brand name co-pay.

 I pay half of the monthly premium and my job pays half. The premium is almost
$500/month. I have to say that my insurance is very good when it comes to
covering diabetes suppli
 ending a lot more money on my supplies without insurance, and would find it
nearly impossible to pay for any lab tests and doctor visits on top of the

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 722 + CGMS
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