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[IP] Medco

In response to the folks having issues with Medco  . . . 

(This is my personal experience only)  

When your company contracts with Medco for pharmacy coverage, they have
contract limits as to how much of any particular medication they will
cover--no matter what your doc actually prescribes.  
I have actually gotten letters from them in the past telling me that they
will only fill up to a certain # on some of my prescriptions--period.  As I
have had chronic yeast infections 
For the past several years--my doctor usually writes a prescription for as
many as 1 per week for a 3 month period.  They decided they would only fill
up to the max that the contract 
covered--which was significantly less than what my prescription was for.  In
those situations, my doctor has been gracious enough to provide me an extra
prescription script that I can 
pay cash for should I need to exceed what Medco would cover.  It's not great
by any means--but it has worked for me.  Luckily, this is a fairly
inexpensive medication--otherwise, I would
be in big trouble.

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