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RE: [IP] Insulin pump/Lantus

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Sent: Wednesday, September 30, 2009 1:28 PM
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Subject: [IP] Insulin pump/Lantus

Ed Wrote:
 I just came from my doctors office whom I have had for 3 years. She has
recommended that I add Lantus to my insulin pump. I asked her how I was
to do that and she told me that every insulin pump has the ability to hold 2
separate reservoirs, one for Lantus and one for fast acting insulin.

Ricardo Responds:
Hi Ed,

Another example of _Physician, heal thyself_.

 If you are interested in adding to the so called _Wisdom of the Web_, you
report your experience at the following sites:



 Pick the state you live in, put in your doctor's name and both sites will
you to rate your doctor and read the experiences others had with your
The sites are slowly accumulating data, so all doctors are not in their
databases. Both are great sites for helping you to pick a new doctor and
the doctor for traits such as diagnosis accuracy, bedside manners and front
office courtesy. They are also both great sites for NOT picking a doctor.

 I was recently shocked to see that my eye doctor had a disciplinary action
against him by the state licensing board. He is on probation for a couple of
years. People have wanted this service for years. You can find more
on the good and bad of buying an automobile, but trying to get similar
information on a doctor was like trying to break into Fort Knox. It is great
that we have sites like IP for you to report your experience and great that
have sites like those listed above to aggregate the information.

Thanks, I did rate her but I was the only rating

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