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Re: [IP] Pharmacist Vent

--- On Tue, 9/29/09, Ricardo <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Ricardo Responds:
> Hi Liz,
> I wonder about the supposed communications between the
> doctor and CVS.
> I would think that they should be able to give a time, date
> and name of doctor for any changes in prescription orders.

 The incident that really got me to switch to mail order was when I brought in a
new script for test strips to the pharmacy. I had been getting 3 boxes (300
strips) of One Touch for a long time, never had a problem. THis time I only got
2 and the pharmacist (one I had never seen or dealt with in that store before)
insisted my insurance only pays for 200/month. I told him he was wrong and that
last month I got 300 with no problems. He insisted that the computer rejected
the claim for 300 and he also insisted that he called my insurance to verify. I
was ready to kill the guy but went back to work and called my insurance. They
told me I would have to call the pharmacy benefits number, which was Caremark at
the time (pre-CVS). I called Caremark and spoke to a really great woman who said
that my insurance was correct, all calls for pharmacy benefits would go through
them and not Empire BCBS. She said they log all calls and any changes and that
  had called. She also said there was no record of the pharmacist trying to put
the claim through for 300 and that it was entered as 200 from the beginning. She
instructed me to get his name and to lodge complaints with the drugstore as well
as with the state. She also told me to ask the pharmacist what number he called
and who he spoke to. Of course the guy couldn't tell me, he "had it written down
somewhere and couldn't find it now". I got my 3rd box of strips and didn't go

 Caremark was very helpful in that case. The woman I spoke to knew everything
about what my insurance covered and told me how new prescriptions should be
written to avoid any future problems. I started sending my scripts to Caremark
after that although I held off on getting the insulin via mail order until I had
that problem of getting only 1 vial, not 2.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 722 + CGMS
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